Ideation IoT Product Framework (IIPF) for Smart Products Development. A tool which describes, design and pivot IoT products


Ideation processes exist in every gradual or radical innovation, and the opportunity for innovation is provided through every problem or pain. In an age of technology and knowledge intensive, the knowledge of many offline products is being discarded rather than reused. The purpose of this study is to create an Idation IoT Product Framework to get innovative IoT product ideas from existing offline products so that they can be reused without destroying the knowledge used in the basic products.

The concept is a vast ecosystem of innovative tools, methodologies, and philosophies that aim to highlight and reflect the previous knowledge used in product development at the idea level of new products to be developed. The research developed a new framework through continuous analysis and innovation application. There is a limit to generalization and application, but since creative ideas in product development can only appear when emphasizing these processes, it is of great significance in terms of reusing knowledge in new product development. Open link to read full article here

Julio C. García

Conector de Innovación en la EPN TECH

Yun Seon Kim

Assistant Professor / Head Professor / Program Director

Graduate School of Global Development & Entrepreneurship

Handong Global University